@manuroe manuroe released this Dec 6, 2018 · 36 commits to develop since this release

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  • MXCrypto: Add the MXKeyBackup module to manage e2e keys backup (vector-im/riot-ios#2070).
  • MXMediaManager/MXMediaLoader: Do not allow non-mxc content URLs.
  • MXMediaManager: Add a constructor based on a homeserver URL, to handle directly the Matrix Content URI (mxc://...).
  • MXSession: Add a MediaManager instance to handle the media stored on the Matrix Content repository.
  • MXMediaManager: Support the media download from a Matrix Content Scanner (Antivirus Server).
  • MXJSONModels: Add data models for Terms of service / privacy policy API (
  • Swift: Add explicit public initializer to MX3PID struct, thanks to @tladesignz (PR #594).
  • Tests: Make MXRealmCryptoStore work the first time tests are launched on simulators for iOS 11 and higher.
  • Add MXScanManager a media antivirus scanner (PR#600).

Bug Fix:

  • MXRestClient: [avatarUrlForUser:success:failure]: the returned url is always nil, thanks to @asydorov (PR #580) and @giomfo.
  • MXRoomSummary: fix null Direct Chat displayname / avatar issue caused by limited syncs.
  • MXRoom: members methods don't respond after a failure.
  • MXRealmCryptoStore: Make queries inside transactionWithBlock.

API break:

  • MXMediaManager: [downloadMediaFromURL:andSaveAtFilePath:success:failure:] is removed, use [downloadMediaFromMatrixContentURI:withType:inFolder:success:failure] or [downloadThumbnailFromMatrixContentURI:withType:inFolder:toFitViewSize:withMethod:success:failure] instead.
  • MXMediaManager: [downloadMediaFromURL:andSaveAtFilePath:] is removed, use [downloadMediaFromMatrixContentURI:withType:inFolder:] instead.
  • MXMediaManager: [existingDownloaderWithOutputFilePath:] is removed, use [existingDownloaderWithIdentifier:] instead.
  • MXMediaManager: [cachePathForMediaWithURL:andType:inFolder:] is removed, use [cachePathForMatrixContentURI:andType:inFolder:] instead.
  • MXMediaLoader: the notification names "kMXMediaDownloadxxx" and "kMXMediaUploadxxx" are removed, use kMXMediaLoaderStateDidChangeNotification instead.
  • MXMediaLoader: [downloadMediaFromURL:andSaveAtFilePath:success:failure] is removed, use [downloadMediaFromURL:withIdentifier:andSaveAtFilePath:success:failure] instead.
  • MXRestClient: [urlOfContent:] and [urlOfContentThumbnail:toFitViewSize:withMethod:] are removed.
  • The Matrix Content repository contants are moved to MXEnumConstants.h
  • [urlOfIdenticon:] is moved from MXRestClient to MXMediaManager.