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Erik Johnston <erik at>
  • HS core
  • Federation API impl
Mark Haines <mark at>
  • HS core
  • Crypto
  • Content repository
  • CS v2 API impl
Kegan Dougal <kegan at>
  • HS core
  • CS v1 API impl
  • AS API impl
Paul "LeoNerd" Evans <paul at>
  • HS core
  • Presence
  • Typing Notifications
  • Performance metrics and caching layer
Dave Baker <dave at>
  • Push notifications
  • Auth CS v2 impl
Matthew Hodgson <matthew at>
  • General doc & housekeeping
  • Vertobot/vertobridge matrix<->verto PoC
Emmanuel Rohee <manu at>
  • Supporting iOS clients (testability and fallback registration)
Turned to Dust <dwinslow86 at>
  • ArchLinux installation instructions
Brabo <brabo at>
  • Installation instruction fixes
Ivan Shapovalov <intelfx100 at>
  • contrib/systemd: a sample systemd unit file and a logger configuration
Eric Myhre <hash at>
  • Fix bug where media_store_path config option was ignored by v0 content repository API.
Muthu Subramanian <muthu.subramanian.karunanidhi at>
  • Add SAML2 support for registration and login.
Steven Hammerton <steven.hammerton at>
  • Add CAS support for registration and login.
Mads Robin Christensen <mads at v42 dot dk>
  • CentOS 7 installation instructions.
Florent Violleau <floviolleau at gmail dot com>
  • Add Raspberry Pi installation instructions and general troubleshooting items
Niklas Riekenbrauck <nikriek at gmail>
  • Add JWT support for registration and login
Christoph Witzany <christoph at>
  • Add LDAP support for authentication