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Merge pull request #5089 from dnaf/m-heroes-empty-room-name

Make /sync return heroes if room name or canonical alias are empty
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babolivier committed Jun 6, 2019
2 parents cb3b381 + 7898a1a commit 8f06344e11027dceb9634a30504aa81e338b580f
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@@ -0,0 +1 @@
Fixes client-server API not sending "m.heroes" to lazy-load /sync requests when a rooms name or its canonical alias are empty. Thanks to @dnaf for this work!
@@ -583,19 +583,18 @@ def compute_summary(self, room_id, sync_config, batch, state, now_token):

# if the room has a name or canonical_alias set, we can skip
# calculating heroes. we assume that if the event has contents, it'll
# be a valid name or canonical_alias - i.e. we're checking that they
# haven't been "deleted" by blatting {} over the top.
# calculating heroes. Empty strings are falsey, so we check
# for the "name" value and default to an empty string.
if name_id:
name = yield, allow_none=True)
if name and name.content:
if name and name.content.get("name"):

if canonical_alias_id:
canonical_alias = yield
canonical_alias_id, allow_none=True,
if canonical_alias and canonical_alias.content:
if canonical_alias and canonical_alias.content.get("alias"):

me = sync_config.user.to_string()

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