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Clean up code

Signed-off-by: Katie Wolfe <>
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dnaf committed Apr 24, 2019
1 parent f4e1315 commit adcb20454054cb5b710649811cb9c4d3aee05c7f
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 synapse/handlers/
@@ -587,14 +587,15 @@ def compute_summary(self, room_id, sync_config, batch, state, now_token):
# for the "name" value and default to an empty string.
if name_id:
name = yield, allow_none=True)
if name and name.content and "name" in name.content and name.content.get("name", ""):
if name and name.content and name.content.get("name", ""):

if canonical_alias_id:
canonical_alias = yield
canonical_alias_id, allow_none=True,
if canonical_alias and canonical_alias.content and canonical_alias.content.get("alias", ""):
if (canonical_alias and canonical_alias.content
and canonical_alias.content.get("alias", "")):

joined_user_ids = [

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