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Add an awful secondary timeout to fix wedged requests #3875

merged 2 commits into from Sep 14, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -0,0 +1 @@
Mitigate outbound federation randomly becoming wedged
@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@
from synapse.http.endpoint import matrix_federation_endpoint
from synapse.util import logcontext
from synapse.util.async_helpers import timeout_no_seriously
from synapse.util.logcontext import make_deferred_yieldable
from synapse.util.metrics import Measure

@@ -228,6 +229,16 @@ def _request(self, destination, method, path,
request_deferred.addTimeout(_sec_timeout, self.hs.get_reactor())

# Sometimes the timeout above doesn't work, so lets hack yet
# another layer of timeouts in in the vain hope that at some
# point the world made sense and this really really really
# should work.
request_deferred = timeout_no_seriously(
timeout=_sec_timeout * 2,

with Measure(self.clock, "outbound_request"):
response = yield make_deferred_yieldable(
@@ -438,3 +438,54 @@ def _cancelled_to_timed_out_error(value, timeout):
raise DeferredTimeoutError(timeout, "Deferred")
return value

def timeout_no_seriously(deferred, timeout, reactor):
"""The in build twisted deferred addTimeout (and the method above)
completely fail to time things out under some unknown circumstances.
Lets try a different way of timing things out and maybe that will make
things work?!
TODO: Kill this with fire.

new_d = defer.Deferred()

timed_out = [False]

def time_it_out():
timed_out[0] = True

if not new_d.called:
new_d.errback(DeferredTimeoutError(timeout, "Deferred"))

delayed_call = reactor.callLater(timeout, time_it_out)

def convert_cancelled(value):
if timed_out[0]:
return _cancelled_to_timed_out_error(value, timeout)
return value


def cancel_timeout(result):
# stop the pending call to cancel the deferred if it's been fired
return result


def success_cb(val):
if not new_d.called:

def failure_cb(val):
if not new_d.called:

deferred.addCallbacks(success_cb, failure_cb)

return new_d
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