@richvdh richvdh released this Jan 9, 2019 · 462 commits to master since this release

Update 2019/01/09: this release has a bug (#4371) that causes all users to be logged out on upgrade. Please do not upgrade to it.


  • Special-case a support user for use in verifying behaviour of a given server. The support user does not appear in user directory or monthly active user counts. (#4141, #4344)
  • Support for serving .well-known files (#4262)
  • Rework SAML2 authentication (#4265, #4267)
  • SAML2 authentication: Initialise user display name from SAML2 data (#4272)
  • Synapse can now have its conditional/extra dependencies installed by pip. This functionality can be used by using pip install matrix-synapse[feature], where feature is a comma separated list with the possible values email.enable_notifs, matrix-synapse-ldap3, postgres, resources.consent, saml2, url_preview, and test. If you want to install all optional dependencies, you can use "all" instead. (#4298, #4325, #4327)
  • Add routes for reading account data. (#4303)
  • Add opt-in support for v2 rooms (#4307)
  • Add a script to generate a clean config file (#4315)
  • Return server data in /login response (#4319)


  • Fix contains_url check to be consistent with other instances in code-base and check that value is an instance of string. (#3405)
  • Fix CAS login when username is not valid in an MXID (#4264)
  • Send CORS headers for /media/config (#4279)
  • Add 'sandbox' to CSP for media reprository (#4284)
  • Make the new landing page prettier. (#4294)
  • Fix deleting E2E room keys when using old SQLite versions. (#4295)
  • The metric synapse_admin_mau:current previously did not update when config.mau_stats_only was set to True (#4305)
  • Fixed per-room account data filters (#4309)
  • Fix indentation in default config (#4313)
  • Fix synapse:latest docker upload (#4316)
  • Fix compatibility with prometheus_client 0.5. Contributed by Maarten de Vries (#4317)
  • Avoid packaging _trial_temp directory in -py3 debian packages (#4326)
  • Check jinja version for consent resource (#4327)
  • fix NPE in /messages by checking if all events were filtered out (#4330)
  • Fix python -m synapse.config on Python 3. (#4356)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove the deprecated v1/register API on Python 2. It was never ported to Python 3. (#4334)

Internal Changes

  • Getting URL previews of IP addresses no longer fails on Python 3. (#4215)
  • drop undocumented dependency on dateutil (#4266)
  • Update the example systemd config to use a virtualenv (#4273)
  • Update link to kernel DCO guide (#4274)
  • Make isort tox check print diff when it fails (#4283)
  • Log room_id in Unknown room errors (#4297)
  • Documentation improvements for coturn setup. Contributed by Krithin Sitaram. (#4333)
  • Update pull request template to use absolute links (#4341)
  • Update README to not lie about required restart when updating TLS certificates (#4343)
  • Update debian packaging for compatibility with transitional package (#4349)
  • Fix command hint to generate a config file when trying to start without a config file (#4353)
  • Add better logging for unexpected errors while sending transactions (#4358, #4361, #4362)
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