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Requires you to have done:
    python develop

The demo will start three synapse servers on ports 8080, 8081 and 8082, with host names localhost:$port. This can be easily changed to `hostname`:$port in if required. 
It will also start a web server on port 8000 pointed at the webclient. will stop the synapse servers and the webclient. will delete the databases and log files.

To start a completely new set of servers, run:

    ./demo/; ./demo/ && ./demo/

Logs and sqlitedb will be stored in demo/808{0,1,2}.{log,db}

Also note that when joining a public room on a differnt HS via "", then you are (in the current impl) joining a room with room_id "foo". This means that it won't work if your HS already has a room with that name.