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api Fix flake8 and update changelog Jan 5, 2017
app Comment Nov 23, 2016
appservice Rename network_id to instance_id on client side Dec 12, 2016
config Use the new twisted logging framework. Dec 30, 2016
crypto Preserve some logcontexts Aug 24, 2016
events fix typo breaking the fix to #1753 Jan 6, 2017
federation do the discard check in the right place to avoid grabbing dependent e… Jan 7, 2017
handlers handlers/room_member: fix guest access check when joining rooms Jan 6, 2017
http Manually abort the underlying TLS connection. Dec 29, 2016
metrics Rename the python-specific metrics now the docs claim that we have done Nov 3, 2016
push Add /room/<room_id>/joined_members API Dec 8, 2016
replication Add cache to get_public_room_ids_at_stream_id Dec 12, 2016
rest Fix crash in url preview when html tag has no text Dec 14, 2016
static/client Updates to fallback CAS login to do new token login Nov 6, 2015
storage fix annoying typos Jan 5, 2017
streams Actually use the new function Oct 24, 2016
util More logging for the linearizer and for get_events Jan 5, 2017 Bump version and changelog Jan 9, 2017 Correctly handle timeout errors Dec 9, 2016 Use external ldap auth pacakge Nov 15, 2016 Shuffle receipt handler around so that worker apps don't need to load it Nov 23, 2016
server.pyi Fix login with m.login.token Aug 8, 2016 move logging to right place Jan 7, 2017 Add new API appservice specific public room list Dec 6, 2016 Replace context.current_state with context.current_state_ids Aug 25, 2016