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Matrix Profile Foundation

Enabling community members to easily interact with the Matrix Profile algorithms through education, support and software.


  1. A Python 3 library making time series data mining tasks, utilizing matrix profile algorithms, accessible to everyone.

    Python 198 34

  2. golang library for computing matrix profiles along with other time series analysis features

    Go 76 7

  3. tsmp Public

    R Functions implementing UCR Matrix Profile Algorithm

    R 56 17

  4. mass-ts Public

    MASS (Mueen's Algorithm for Similarity Search) - a python 2 and 3 compatible library used for searching time series sub-sequences under z-normalized Euclidean distance for similarity.

    Python 64 11

  5. This is the core functions needed by the `tsmp` package. The low level and carefully checked mathematical functions are here. These are implementations of the Matrix Profile concept that was create…

    C++ 4 2

  6. Data sets used to test against all implementations of the Matrix Profile from MPF.

    Python 3 3


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