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XMPP WebSocket Proxy

This is a standalone Websocket connection manager for XMPP. It allows to proxy XMPP WebSocket connections to XMPP streams using the standard TCP XMPP transport. Not every public or provate XMPP server is running a XMPP WebSocket connection manager. Use can use this project to connect to any XMPP server over websockets.


Build and run

git clone

cd ./src/XmppWebSocketProxy/
dotnet restore
dotnet build
dotnet run


Configuration is done over appsettings.json

config key description
Server__Libuv use Libuv (true/false)
Server__Port port to listen on for WebSocket connections
Server__Ssl Use ws:// or wss:// protocol
Server__Certificate__Location path to teh Ssl certificate when using wss
Server__Certificate__Password password for the cert file