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dsmptd: A debugger SMTP server for Humans

dsmtpd is a small tool to help the developer without an smtp server


$ dsmtpd -p 1025 -i
2013-01-13 14:00:07,346 INFO: Starting SMTP server at


For the installation, we recommend to use a virtualenv, it's the easy way if you want to discover this package:

virtualenv ~/.envs/dsmtpd
source ~/.envs/dsmtpd/bin/activate

pip install dsmtpd


Execute dsmtpd with the --help flag and you will get the usage of this command:

dsmtpd --help

There are two options:

  • -p You specify the port of dsmtpd (default is 1025)
  • -i You specify the network interface (default is loopback,
  • -d You specify the directory to save the incoming emails

Use it

Here is a small example:


swaks --from --to  --server localhost --port 1025


git clone git://

Copyright 2013 (c) by Stephane Wirtel