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Latest commit 6a961e3 Jan 16, 2017 @monerohow monerohow committed with tresni Added Monero/BTC currency pairs (#660)
* Screenshot added

* Hosting plugin screenshot at github instead of on main site to avoid remote linking problem

* Image deleted

* Image URLs updated

* Updated urls

* Added Kraken exchange, added XMRBTC pairs for all exchanges

* Fixed XMR/BTC

* Fixed currency sign
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AWS initial version of the Amazon ECS Cluster plugin (#608) Dec 2, 2016
BitBar Adding internet check to bitbar version plugin (#387) Apr 12, 2016
Bitcoin plugin update (#638) Jan 7, 2017
Dev Upgrade to Meta Package Manager plugin v2.3.0. Jan 16, 2017
Email Modified gmail-checker-improved to include a numerical counter on bar Jan 16, 2017
Enabled Delete Jan 7, 2016
Environment Add 'conda-envs' plugin (#651) Jan 11, 2017
Finance fix parsing of numbers with delimeters (#541) Sep 1, 2016
Games Merge pull request #223 from pallih/master Mar 18, 2016
Lifestyle Replace all instances of bash=$0 with bash='$0' Dec 1, 2016
Monero Added Monero/BTC currency pairs (#660) Jan 16, 2017
Music handle when iTunes running but not responsive Jan 7, 2017
Network Add Google IPv6 DNS servers Jan 13, 2017
Politics Adding my FiveThirtyEight elections monitor (#495) Jul 22, 2016
Sports fix today_fixtures (#563) Sep 16, 2016
System Screenshotter (#639) Jan 7, 2017
Time New version of ShiftStats (née ShiftInfo) (#610) Dec 2, 2016
Tools Add Plugin (#585) Oct 24, 2016
Travel Update metadata for Travel Time plugin Dec 19, 2016
Tutorial added default v1 versions to metadata May 11, 2016
Weather Updated Weather Plugin Dec 16, 2016
Web Update Trello Plugin to v1.0.2 Dec 14, 2016
.gitignore ignored .DS_Store Oct 2, 2016 Multi linter (#515) Aug 11, 2016
.travis.yml Convert to swift 3 (xcode8) (#620) Dec 3, 2016 updated labels May 21, 2016

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This repo contains scripts, programs and command-line tools that add functionality to BitBar.

Reporting issues

The best way to report an issue with a plugin is to find the plugin on and click "Open issue". If possible, the author will be tagged in the issue - which greatly increases your chances of getting the issue looked at quickly.

How to use them

  • Just drop the plugin into your BitBar plugins folder (if you have the repo, why not use the Enabled folder?)
  • Make sure it's executable (in Terminal, do chmod +x
  • Then choose Refresh all from the BitBar menus

Available Plugins

To see a list of available plugins, visit


Special thanks to everyone who has contributed:

Add your own plugin

To contribute your own plugin, consult the guide to writing plugins