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Plugin repository for BitBar
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AWS Fixed errors with code formatting. Jan 21, 2019
BitBar Adding internet check to bitbar version plugin (#387) Apr 12, 2016
Cryptocurrency fix: fixed #1131 Jun 23, 2019
Dev Merge pull request #1157 from masutaka/new-github-status-api Jun 16, 2019
E-Commerce nvidia 1080ti stock checker added May 22, 2018
Email Email checker for mail indexed with mu (#905) Nov 13, 2017
Enabled Fixes & Additions (#784) Jun 8, 2017
Environment Fixed https (#738) Apr 17, 2017
Finance Add new iextrading stock plugin Jun 15, 2019
Games Update xboxfeed plugin to v1.1.0 (#915) Nov 27, 2017
Lifestyle Merge pull request #1137 from badgerpapa/nightscout-plugin Jun 14, 2019
Messenger Adding references to original repo in Jun 19, 2019
Music Merge pull request #1249 from Igor1201/fix-spotctl Jun 14, 2019
Network Merge pull request #1218 from rakesh1988/patch-1 Jun 17, 2019
PIM Fixup shellcheck and chmod +x Feb 26, 2017
Politics Adding my FiveThirtyEight elections monitor (#495) Jul 22, 2016
Science Merge pull request #1237 from mullwar/master Jun 14, 2019
Sports Added plugin that reads news from (#1078) Nov 11, 2018
System Merge pull request #1090 from hypersport/master Jun 14, 2019
Time fix a bug in Calendarlite Jan 21, 2019
Tools Add GNU screen plugin Apr 29, 2019
Travel Address linter issues in Travel/ Oct 4, 2017
Tutorial New plugin: Refresh Sep 28, 2018
Weather Merge branch 'master' into patch-1 Jun 14, 2019
Web Fixed two issues with the waniKani plugin Jun 21, 2019
.gitignore Remove .ruby-version Nov 14, 2017
.rubocop.yml Not sure I agree with this cop at all... Oct 4, 2017 Ignore package.json and package-lock.json Jun 19, 2019
.travis.yml Fix for Travis CI build Apr 1, 2019 fix markdown (#749) Apr 19, 2017

BitBar Plugins Build Status Slack Status

This repo contains scripts, programs and command-line tools that add functionality to BitBar.

Reporting issues

The best way to report an issue with a plugin is to find the plugin on and click "Open issue". If possible, the author will be tagged in the issue - which greatly increases your chances of getting the issue looked at quickly.

How to use them

  • Just drop the plugin into your BitBar plugins folder (if you have the repo, why not use the Enabled folder?)
  • Make sure it's executable (in Terminal, do chmod +x
  • Then choose Refresh all from the BitBar menus

Available Plugins

To see a list of available plugins, visit


Special thanks to everyone who has contributed:

Add your own plugin

To contribute your own plugin, consult the guide to writing plugins

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