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Slack Team Notifications

Bitbar plugin to show the notification count from multiple Slack teams and channels. You can also mark channels or whole teams as read.

Slack Team Notifications screenshot


  1. Download and install Bitbar. You can also install it with Homebrew by running brew cask install bitbar

  2. Clone this repo to a directory of your choice. You will symlink the executable file afterwards to your bitbar plugins folder

  3. Inside the cloned directory, run npm install

  4. Navigate to your bitbar plugins folder and symlink slack-team-notifications.1m.js

ln -s {CLONED_REPO_DIRECTORY}/slack-team-notifications.1m.js slack-team-notifications.1m.js


You will need to get your Slack Legacy Tokens for every team you want to get notifications from. After getting the legacy tokens, add them to the tokens.js file:

module.exports = [
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