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Professional lightweight testing mini-framework for Go.
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Professional lightweight testing mini-framework for Go.

  • Easy to write and read
  • Beautifully simple API with everything you need: is.Equal, is.True, is.NoErr, and is.Fail
  • Use comments to add descriptions (which show up when tests fail)

Failures are very easy to read:

Examples of failures


The following code shows a range of useful ways you can use the helper methods:

func Test(t *testing.T) {

	is := is.New(t)
	signedin, err := isSignedIn(ctx)
	is.NoErr(err)            // isSignedIn error
	is.Equal(signedin, true) // must be signed in
	body := readBody(r)
	is.True(strings.Contains(body, "Hi there"))


To turn off the colors, run go test with the -nocolor flag, or with the env var IS_NO_COLOR=true.

go test -nocolor
IS_NO_COLOR=true go test
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