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Welcome to the documentation for the Matryoshka project, a private appstore for the Android operating system that aims to offer an open-source alternative to currently available options.

This is an undegraduate Capstone project for the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada by @shevtsod, @oscar666666, and @Uyser.

The entirety of the project's source code is publicly hosted on GitHub!


This software follows a client-server architecture, and our GitHub source code reflects this by having three distinct repositories for each component. Moreso, our documentation on this site is split into two top-level sections covering each of these components in detail.


The client application is a downloadable Android app written in Java. Users are able to browse, download free apps, and purchase paid apps through this app.

For all of our documentation on the app, see App/Getting Started


Our server hosting the database, admin panel, and a REST API for clients to interact with. The server is written in PHP using the Laravel framework.

For all of our documentation on the server, see Server/Getting Started


This site!

The documentation for this project is written using Facebook's Docusaurus to be completely decoupled from the rest of the source code.

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