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0.0.8: In progress

  • Add --startup-script which gets sourced before any command to setup env vars (e.g., ~/.bashrc) (d1489f94)
  • Use curl + rpm rather than rpm against direct URL for better proxy support (51ad9c51)
  • Integration harness improvements (1ac5cce..4be36c2)
  • BUG #10: Create .gitkeep's to avoid errors on sparse kitchens (074b4e0a)
  • Add --skip-chef-check knife option (a1a66ae)

Thanks to our contributors!

0.0.7: Dec 9, 2011

  • BUG #9: Fix intelligent sudo handling for OSes that don't have it
  • Move integration tests into proper test cases
  • CentOS 5.6 integration test

0.0.6: Dec 8, 2011

  • Support for Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 (00921ebd1b93)
  • Parallel integration testing and SLES (167360d447..167360d447)
  • Dynamic sudo detection for yum-based systems (5282fc36ac3..256f27658a06cb)

Thanks to our contributors!

0.0.5: Oct 31, 2011

  • Started on integration testing via EC2
  • Add openSuSE support. Installation via zypper. (64ff2edf42)
  • Upgraded Rubygems to 1.8.10 (8ac1f4d43a)

0.0.4: Oct 7, 2011

  • Chef 0.10.4 based databag and search method (a800880e6d)
  • Proper path for roles (b143ae290a)
  • Test fixes for CI compatibility (ccf4247125..62b8bd498d)

Thanks to our contributors!

0.0.3: July 31, 2011

  • Kitchen directory generation
  • Prepare tested on ubuntu
  • Generate node config on prepare
  • Cook via rsync
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