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My zsh configs
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cache Cache completions, remove ^o since I don't use it
scripts Also run bundle install
.gitignore A fax helper Include -k on curl command since some systems don't seem to have gith…
chef.zsh Pull in a few of my usual suspects
completion.zsh Cache completions, remove ^o since I don't use it
docker.zsh boot2docker configs
editor.zsh Commands for emacs
environment.zsh CLI color. Forget what this was for
git.zsh Cleaner gxc
hashicorp.zsh Trying out teraform
homebrew.zsh Kill curl-ca-bundle now that doesn't exist anymore
lein.zsh leiningen completions
node.zsh Set NODE_PATH cause homebrew told me so
openssl.zsh openssl helpers
packer.zsh Packer path
phaxio.zsh A fax helper
rc Move message to it's own file
ruby.zsh A homebrew ruby helper
stellar.zsh Fix home path reference
tools.zsh Slow down gifs
zshrc New rvm install

My ZSH setup


NOTE: This will move your existing .zshrc to .zshrc.bak and create a new .zshrc

zsh < <(curl -kLs
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