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ESP8266 MQTT Device for CraftBeerPi
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General Introduction

What is it?

The MQTTDevice is an Arduino Sketch based on the ESP8266 to enable wireless stable communication between CraftBeerPi V3 actors and sensors.

When do I need it?

If you have a centralized CBPi installation to collect and show all information at a central point, but you have sensors and actors all over the place. E.g. the fridge in the basement, the fermenter somewhere in the house and the brewery again someplace else. This Device offers a wireless conntection via the MQTT protocol from CBPi to your sensors and actors.

What does it offer?

  • Web interface for configuration
  • Sensors
    • Search for OneWire addresses
    • Value is read each second and sent to CraftBeerPi
  • Actors
    • Choose PIN
    • Used PINS are not shown
    • Inverted GPIO
    • Power Percentage: If a value between 0 and 100% is sent, the ESP "pulses" with a duty cycle of 1000ms
  • Induction
    • Control of a GGM Induction Cooker via serial communication


German Tutorial

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