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How to use the Silicone 3D printer (Full Draft Version, Current as of June 2019).pdf

Open Source Silicone 3D Printer

Documentation and custom firmware for the silicone printer created for mLab Check the wiki and the PDF Manual for a getting started guide. Created by Dylan Thrush and Steph Walker (Oregon State University). This GitHub includes the CAD files to make the 3D printer parts and also an operating manual.

For additional information about other research works related to this project, visit the following references.

Zero-Support 3D Printing of Thermoset Silicone Via Simultaneous Control of Both Reaction Kinetics and Transient Rheology

Direct 3D printing of silicone elastomer soft robots and their performance comparison with molded counterparts

Directly Fabricating Soft Robotic Actuators With an Open-Source 3-D Printer

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