A RSS reader library to fetch a RSS feed from the web and parse it to workable objects
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Added read(String) to RssReader to read an RSS feed from source


With this library you can easily parse RSS feeds using the SAX APIs available in Android.


You can use the API by simply calling RssReader.read(URL url). This will make the request to the url provided and parse it to RssFeed and RssItem objects. It can't get any easier than this.

Here is an example of how to fetch a RSS feed and iterate through every item:

URL url = new URL("http://example.com/feed.rss");
RssFeed feed = RssReader.read(url);

ArrayList<RssItem> rssItems = feed.getRssItems();
for(RssItem rssItem : rssItems) {
    Log.i("RSS Reader", rssItem.getTitle());


Copyright (c) 2011 Mats Hofman

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0