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Node.js Express API Curriculum

Node.js is a trademark of Joyent, Inc. and is used with its permission. Mongo and MongoDB, are registered trademarks of MongoDB, Inc and are used in accordance to its Trademark Usage Guidelines. This curriculum not endorsed by or affiliated with Joyent or MongoDB.

Topics Covered

This course is designed to give a very cursory overview of Node.js and building a simple API server that can Create, Read, Update, and Delete different entries via the REST architectural pattern. The curriculum is designed around MongoDB, a document-oriented database platform that stores unstructured, schemaless data in BSON format. This course does not cover JavaScript syntax, style, or architectural patterns and assumes that you already have a basic understanding of basic UNIX-like commands such as cd and ls.

This course is written in ECMAScript 6 compliant JavaScript and uses modern features such as arrow functions, object destructuring and template literals.


In order to run the exercieses written in this course, please install the following software:

  • Node.js - JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine (at the time of writing, this course is built against v11.10.0)
  • Git - Version control software for cloning this repository to run examples
  • Insomnia - An API development tool for quickly testing HTTP requests and responses
  • Optional: Visual Studio Code - Free, open source code editing software with built-in terminal and GIT controls

Directory Structure

This course is split up into chapters that will cover the different topics. Here is an overview of how the course materials are laid out:

├── ...
├── Chapter 1       # Chapter directory
│   ├── examples    # Running examples of chapter materials
│   └──   # Written materials
├── ...

Getting Started

To get up and running with this course, please clone this repository by running git clone Once cloned, cd into the root directory and install all the needed dependencies by running npm install.

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Node.js/Express REST API Curriculum







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