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spray Template Project (modified for the RPI)

This version of the spray-template project is modified to run smoothly on the Raspberry Pi.

The essential modifications are the sizing of the akka dispatcher thread-pool (see application.conf) and the use of the sbt assembly plugin (see build.sbt) to make it easy to package the spray-app outside of the RPI.

Instuctions to run it on the RPI: From within sbt just type assembly to package the app. The packaged jar file can than be transferred to the RPI.

Detailed information about the modifications and the use of and spray-can on the RPI can be found on the spray blog:

This projects provides a starting point for your own spray-routing endeavors. There are four branches, providing templates for spray-routing on

  • spray-can, Scala 2.9 + Akka 2.0 + spray 1.0 (the on_spray-can_1.0 branch)
  • spray-can, Scala 2.10 + Akka 2.1 + spray 1.1 (the on_spray-can_1.1 branch)
  • spray-can, Scala 2.10 + Akka 2.2 + spray 1.2 (the on_spray-can_1.2 branch)
  • Jetty, Scala 2.9 + Akka 2.0 + spray 1.0 (the on_jetty_1.0 branch)
  • Jetty, Scala 2.10 + Akka 2.1 + spray 1.1 (the on_jetty_1.1 branch)
  • Jetty, Scala 2.10 + Akka 2.2 + spray 1.2 (the on_jetty_1.2 branch)

You are currently on the on_spray-can_1.2 branch.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Git-clone this repository.

     $ git clone git:// my-project
  2. Change directory into your clone:

     $ cd my-project
  3. Launch SBT:

     $ sbt
  4. Compile everything and run all tests:

     > test
  5. Start the application:

     > re-start
  6. Browse to http://localhost:8080/

  7. Start the application:

     > re-stop
  8. Learn more at

  9. Start hacking on src/main/scala/com/example/MyService.scala


SBT template project for quickly getting started with spray-server






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