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Welcome to the STC-1000+ wiki!


The STC-1000+ project (and the derived projects STC-1000+ One Vessel Brew System Controller and STC-1000+ PID) aims to provide new firmwares with improved functionality for the popular STC-1000 thermostat.

In addition it also includes a cheap and easy way to upload the firmware to the STC-1000, using the readily available Arduino platform as a programmer, eliminating the need for a proprietary and expensive programmer.

The STC-1000+ project(s) are open source, released under the GNU General Public License version 3. In addition, all the tools used for development are open source (i.e. no proprietary compiler).


This entire project only targets the A400_P version of the hardware. There seems to be a lot of clones around that use different hardware (the MCU in particular), that is not compatible.

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