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ifndef APXS
APXS := $(shell which apxs2 || which apxs)
ifndef APXS
$(error No apxs found in path, set APXS = /path/to/apxs in
all: local-shared-build
local-shared-build: module
module: .libs/mod_upload_progress.o
.libs/mod_upload_progress.o: mod_upload_progress.c
$(APXS) -c $(CFLAGS) mod_upload_progress.c
# install the shared object file into Apache
install: local-shared-build
$(APXS) -i $(CFLAGS)
# cleanup
.PHONY: clean
-rm -f mod_upload_progress.o mod_upload_progress.lo mod_upload_progress.slo
-rm -rf .libs/
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