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mod_process_security Build Status

This module is a suEXEC module for CGI and DSO. Improvement of mod_ruid2(vulnerability) and mod_suexec(performance).

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How To Compile

  • build
apxs -i -c -l cap mod_process_security.c
  • Add to httpd.conf or conf.d/process_security.conf
LoadModule process_security_module   modules/
PSExAll On

How To Use

  • Set Enable All Extensions On. (default Off)
PSExAll On
  • Set Enable ALL CGI Extensions On. (default Off)
  • [Optional] Set Enable Custom Extensions. (unset PSExAll)
PSExtensions .php .pl .py
  • [Optional] Set Enable Custom Handlers. (unset PSExAll)
PSHandlers application/x-httpd-php hoge-script
  • [Optional] Set Ignore Custom Extensions.
# .html and .css were ignored
PSExAll On
PSIgnoreExtensions .html .css
  • [Optional] Minimal uid and gid. (default uid:100 gid:100)
PSMinUidGid 200 200
  • [Optional] Default uid and gid. (default uid:48 gid:48)
  • [Optional] Enable run with root permission (default Off)
PSRootEnable On


under the MIT License:

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