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Control the number of processes in the system run queue averaged over the last 1 minutes by matsumoto_r Sep 2009 in Japan

  • Date 2009/09/08

  • Version 0.01-beta

  • change log

2009/09/07 0.01 matsumoto_r coding start
2009/09/14 0.02 matsumoto_r pre-server-config add "LAlimitEnable ON|OFF"
2010/11/23 0.90 matsumoto_r real_path_for_mr() and _analyze_links() added
2011/03/08 0.91 matsumoto_r for 1.3 for 2.0 implement

How To Compile


  • for apache 1.3
apxs -c -D__MOD_APACHE1__ mod_lalimit.c
cp ./.libs/ /usr/local/apache/modules
  • for apache 2.x
apxs -c -D__MOD_APACHE2__ mod_lalimit.c
cp ./.libs/ /usr/local/apache2/modules
  • for apache 1.3 2.x DEBUG into syslog
apxs -c -D__MOD_APACHE1__ -D__MOD_DEBUG__ mod_lalimit.c
apxs -c -D__MOD_APACHE2__ -D__MOD_DEBUG__ mod_lalimit.c
  • Add to httpd.conf
LoadModule lalimit_module libexec/

How To Use

log file is /tmp/mod_lalimit.log by default or #define MOD_LOG_FILE "/tmp/mod_lalimit.log"

Server Config

LAlimitEnable <ON|OFF>

Directive Config

  • LAlimit <number of Limit Load Average>

    • Directory Access Control

      <Directory "/var/www/html">
          LAlimit 0.99
    • File Access Control

      <Files "abc.cgi">
          LAlimit 10.02
    • Files Regex Access Control

      <FilesMatch ".*\.cgi$">
          LAlimit 30
    • File Access Control and Output log

      <Files "mt.cgi">
          LAlimit 0.51 log
    • File Access Control Full Path Matching

      example: symlinks /var/www/html/cgi/abc.cgi -> /var/www/cgi-bin/abc.cgi
               symlinks /var/www/html/cgi/abc.cgi -> /var/www/cgi-bin2/abc.cgi
                   when access /var/www/cgi-bin/abc.cgi or /var/www/cgi-bin2/abc.cgi
                       control the cgi of realpath.
      <Files "abc.cgi">
           LAlimit 10.02 /var/www/html/cgi/abc.cgi
    • Setting .htaccess write /www/hoge/fuga/.htaccess

      LAlimit 10