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ngx_mruby test use mruby test. ngx_mruby test is very earlier and experimental version.

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Add test

Add location config to test/conf/nginx.conf
# Nginx.hello test
location /mruby {
    mruby_content_handler build/nginx/html/unified_hello.rb cache;
Add hook script into test/html/ if you need the script for location config
# test/htdocs/unified_hello.rb
if server_name == "NGINX"
  Server = Nginx
elsif server_name == "Apache"
  Server = Apache

Server::rputs "Hello #{Server::module_name}/#{Server::module_version} world!"
Add test code to test/t/ngx_mruby.rb
assert('ngx_mruby', 'location /mruby') do
  res = HttpRequest.new.get base + '/mruby'
  assert_equal 'Hello ngx_mruby/0.0.1 world!', res["body"]


build nginx into ./build/nginx and test on ./build/nginx
sh test.sh