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#include <stdio.h>
#include "mruby.h"
#include "mruby/compile.h"
#include "mruby/variable.h"
const char request[] = "HTTP2::Client.get @url";
int main(void)
mrb_value response;
mrb_state *mrb = mrb_open();
mrbc_context *ctx = mrbc_context_new(mrb);
// URL into instance variable "@url" of main on same ctx
mrb_iv_set(mrb, mrb_top_self(mrb), mrb_intern_lit(mrb, "@url"),
mrb_str_new_lit(mrb, ""));
response = mrb_load_string_cxt(mrb, request, ctx);
mrb_funcall(mrb, mrb_top_self(mrb), "pp", 1, response);
mrbc_context_free(mrb, ctx);
return 0;