Provides near real-time update of a file in the preview window.
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This is a mirror of

TailMinusF allows you to view the contents of a file in real time.  When a
change in the file is detected, the window displaying the file is updated and
repositioned to the last line.

The update is not exactly real time, but usually updates within a few seconds
of the file change.  The update interval of the output is determined by the
|updatetime| parameter, along with continued usage of Vim.  This means that if
you are not doing any editing or motion commands, the preview window will not
be updated.  See |CursorHold| for more information.

Because this window becomes the preview window, it will accept all related
commands.  For more information, see |preview-window|.

Once installed, simply use &#039:Tail <filename>&#039 to see the file.
 Use ':pclose' to close this window.