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Non Intrusive Static Recursive Dependency Injection for C++14

The IOD library implements a generic recursive dependency injection pattern. Given a C++ function f tacking a list of N arguments of types Ai with i >= 0 and i < N. and a set S of objects to inject, the di_call primitive calls f after building its argument list using the following, for each i:

  • If S contains an element of type Ai, place it in the list.
  • Else if S contains an element e such that the method e.make returns the type Ai, use this same di algorithm on e.make to build an element of type Ai.
  • Else if the static method Ai::make exists, use this same di algorithm on Ai::make to build an element of type Ai.
  • Else return an error.

This algorithm runs at compile time so its cost at compile time is negligible.

How to use it

Pull argument list from a set of values:

#include <iod/di.hh>


auto f = [] (int x, float y) {};

int a = 0;
float b = 1.f;
double c = 2.;
di_call(f, a, b, c); // f(0, 1.f)

Use factories to fulfill the dependencies.

struct int_factory
  int make(float f) { return f + 1; }

struct float_factory
  float make() { return 2.f; }

auto f = [] (int x, float y) {};
int_factory int_f;
float_factory float_f;
iod::di_call(f, int_f, float_f);
// Instantiate one float f with ff.make(), pass it to if.make to instantiate an int i,
// and finally call f(i, f);

Or the static make method:

struct A {
  static A make() {
    std::cout << " make " << std::endl;
    return A();

auto f2 = [] (A a) {};
// Instantiate A with A::make and pass it to f2.

Why another C++ DI library ?

Many other C++ dependencies injection already exists, but this implementation has several advantage that may better suit your needs:

  • Tiny: less than 300 lines of C++14 code
  • Non intrusive
  • Easy to use
  • Recursive
  • Compile-time