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A curated GIF page


Follow link above and type in a search term to receive gifs.


Built on Node.js this app utilizes the Giftastic api to serve gifs that match the user's search.


  • Write algorithm
  • Write JavaScript
  • Style page
  • Make responsive
  • Submit Beta release
  • Add favorites functionality to algorithm
  • Create favorites functionality
  • Add pagination functionality to algorithm
  • Create pagination functionality
  • Submit Alpha release

Psuedo Code

  1. Create variable equal to an array of topics in string format
var topics = […];
var query = ''; //create query variable as string to be assigned later either by button click or user input 
var queryString = url${query}[paramaters]

//use on.('click', document, classname) to add listener to button clicks to buttons before theyre generated
//use on.('click', document, classname) to add listener to gif clicks to animate gif
//add listener to input submit
//button click handler = getGifs()
//gif click handler = playGif()
//input submit handler = addTopic()
  1. loop over topics and make them into buttons on DOM
topics.forEach(function(topic)) {
  //create button with topic name
  1. when user clicks button app should grab ten gifs and display them still
function getGifs() {
    url: queryUrl,
    method: "GET"
  }).then(function(response)) {
    //for each response item received generate figure, image, and figcaption with meta data {
      //make utility function to create figure elements with jQuery and call here
      //create figure element and populate with gif and meta data
      //use data-state to hold if gif is animating or still
      //use data-still and data-animated to hold paths to still and animated forms of gif
      ////use mp4 for animation and puse video instead? [submit as side assignment]
  1. on click gif animates
  function playGif() {
    if gif is not playing
      play gif
      stop gif
  1. add an input that adds user input to buttons
  function addTopic() {
    //prevent default event
    //get value from input
    //use jQuery to create new button on DOM
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