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Epipylon image construction
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epipyimg is part of Epipylon --

epipyimg provides the tools necessary to build Epipylon SD card images.

In most cases, the epipyimg tools will pull packages from the Epipylon package repository at If you want to install custom packages which are unavailable from the Epipylon repository, you may set up a custom repository using the Debian tool 'reprepro'.


epipyimg contains the following components:

  • bin/ - Various tools used in image production
  • bin/img-full-build - From scratch, build a new Epipylon image
  • bin/img-cp - Copy a completed Epipylon image to an SD card
  • bin/img-mount - Mount the image at img/disk.img onto root/
  • bin/img-umount - Unmount the image mounted at root/


Building Epipylon images requires a few tools from Debian and QEMU ARM binary emulation. On Fedora, these tools can be installed with:

sudo dnf install dpkg debootstrap qemu-user-static

A development image can be built with:

sudo bin/img-full-build devel

A completed image can then be copied to an SD card:

#  Replace XXXX with the build image timestamp and YY with the SD card
dd if=img/epipylon-devel-XXXX.img of=/dev/sdYY bs=4M status=progress


epipyimg is licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

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