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Zeppelin Basil

This is a sample Dapp built on top of ZOS (ZeppelinOS). It presents a basic contract Basil.sol and then uses an AppManager from ZOS to upgrade the contract to BasilERC721.sol using a proxy that preserves the original contract's state, while mutating its logic. The upgraded contract also makes use of ZOS' on-chain standard library, connecting to a proxy of the MintableERC721Token implementation of the openzeppelin-zos release.

As for functionality, the Dapp allows users to change the light color of a Basil plant, using an Arduino and an RGB wifi light bulb. The upgraded contract also emits an ERC721 non fungible token to the user.

Please see for a guide to this example.


The truffle test suite first checks the behavior of the basic Basil contract functionality, and then the behavior of the upgraded BasilERC721 functionality. Im a manner of illustration, it then makes use of the lower level zos-lib objects to demonstrate that the proxied contracts have exactly the same behaviors as the ones without ZOS.

ZOS cli

This example makes use of zeppelinos/zos-cli. ZeppelinOS's cli is a tool for automating deployment of zeppelinos/zos-lib contracts, as well as storing deployment information in json files. The UI reads deployment data directly from these files.

For a lower level understanding of ZOS and zos-lib, please see the complex-example, or the tests within this project.


The code that controls the actual lighting (via a Raspberry Pi and a HUE light) is at zeppelinos/basil-rpi.

Running the app locally

npm install && npx truffle compile && npm start

This will start a dev sever at localhost:3000. The application will connect to the ropsten network and link to a deployed version of Basil.sol. Make sure you're running metamask, that it is unlocked and pointing to the ropsten network.

Running the app locally, on the local network

Same as "Running the spp locally" but modify ACTIVE_NETWORK in src/js/constants.js to config.networks.local.

Then start ganache-cli --deterministic and r�un npm run deploy. This will run the contracts deployment script on the local network. If you have problems with an account not being recognized, change the used account address in package.json's deploy script.

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