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semantic-release plugin to publish CircleCI Orbs
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# 1.0.0 (2019-03-25)

### Features

* Add support for orbName and orbPath options ([936882a](936882a))
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semantic-release plugin to publish CircleCI Orbs.

npm latest version

Step Description
verifyConditions Verify the presence of the CIRCLECI_API_TOKEN environment variable, orbName option, and the circleci CLI.
publish Publish the CircleCI orb.


$ npm install semantic-release-circleci-orb -D


The plugin can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

  "plugins": [
        "orbName": "react-native-community/circleci-orb",
        "orbPath": "orb.yml"


Environment variables

Variable Description
CIRCLECI_API_TOKEN The token used to authenticate with CircleCI account.


Options Description Default
orbName Required. The name of the Orb in the format of organisation/orb. For example, react-native-community/circleci-orb. None. You need to set your own.
orbPath The path to the Orb YAML file. This needs to be a single (packed) YAML file. orb.yml

CircleCI CLI installation

The plugin uses the circleci CLI which has to be installed in your CI environment and available in the PATH.

CircleCI authentication

The CircleCI authentication configuration is required and can be set via environment variables.

Visit your account page on to obtain your API token. The token has to be made available in your CI environment via the CIRCLECI_API_TOKEN environment variable.

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