Interposer between BSD Sockets/POSIX and RINA
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RINA Interposer

Prototype adaptor from BSD Sockets/POSIX API calls to RINA

To build:

gcc -I /usr/include -shared -fPIC interposer.c -ldl /usr/lib/ -o

On server, run:

RINA_DIF=normal.DIF RINA_LOCAL_APPL=nc-server LD_PRELOAD=$(pwd)/ nc -l 1234

On client, run:

RINA_DIF=normal.DIF RINA_LOCAL_APPL=nc-client RINA_REMOTE_APPL=nc-server LD_PRELOAD=$(pwd)/ nc 1234

For more detail, set the RINA_VERBOSE (to anything).