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title: Turbo SQL 2017 backups
author: matt40k
type: post
date: 2017-11-23T20:48:29+00:00
url: /2017/11/23/turbo-sql-2017-backups/
- SQL Server
Another day, another Twitter awesome moment, <a href="">Parikshit Savjani</a> was explaining how backups are now faster in SQL Server 2017.
{{< tweet 933560128250380288 >}}
For more info on how, <a href="">read his post</a>. TD;LR - The wait time before data is actually copied is reduced because the amount of buffers to scan is massively reduced.
> “...requires only 250 buffers to scan as opposed to 500 Million buffers with former algorithm...”
All newly created database on SQL 2017 will get this benefit, existing will require a little work
> alter database <dbname> set target_recovery_time = 60 seconds

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