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A static site generator for Linux and Mac.
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CSSG (C Static Site Generator)

A static site generator for Linux and Mac.


In your shell:

$ cssg path/to/file

This will write the results to stdout.

To include files, use #include /path/to/file in a document.


Include Arguments

String Insertion

To insert strings in a file, specify strings after an include, separated by a comma:

#include /path/to/file string1, string2, stringN

For example, consider two files document.txt and greeting.txt, where we want to include greeting.txt in document.txt:

# document.txt:

#include greeting.txt hello, world
# greeting.txt:

A lot of programs like to say "$1 $2!" 

Running cssg document.txt will write the following to stdout:

A lot of programs like to say "hello world!" 

The locations to insert a string in a file must be specified by a $N delimiter, where N is the number of the argument in the include line, starting from 1.

Markdown handling

By default, when a file with a .md extension is included in another file, cssg will use whatever markdown processor is in your $PATH by the name of markdown.

You can specify what markdown processor to use via the -m flag. For example, if you wanted to use pandoc:

$ cssg -m pandoc path/to/file

Or, specify the path of the processor:

$ cssg -m /usr/bin/pandoc path/to/file

Writing to a File

By default, CSSG will write its results to stdout. You can specify another file to write to with the -o flag:

$ cssg path/to/file -o /output/file


A line can be commented out by starting it with a # character:

This line will be written to stdout.
# This line will not.


Run make to compile with gcc. The binary will be cssg.

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