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Making a game with phaser 3
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Making a game with Phaser 3


First npm install all dependencies. npm start will compile your game with webpack and serve it locally.


Good documentation of this project is still in the works! In a nutshell:

  • index.js

    • program entry point
  • preload.js

    • loads assets
  • create.js

    • sets up the game, applies these assets
  • update.js

    • things that happen when the game is actually being played, liked callbacks on collision etc. There are also a lot of functions defined here that were intended to be called while the game is being played, such as functions for drawing and clearing rooms.
  • getKeyboardInput.js

    • getting keyboard input to control the player.
  • rooms.js

    • where plain-text files from room_layouts are loaded and stored to be read on room drawing.
  • gameObjects directory

    • A base gameObj is defined here and then extended for static objects (immovable platforms, blocks) and dynamic objects (moving enemies and a moving player). These classes wrap Phaser's API.
  • room_layouts directory

    • Here are the room layout plain-text files. See update.js for the switch statement that controls which token means what.
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