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Example Coq plugin
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Constructors: an example Coq plugin
Copyright 2010 Matthieu Sozeau <>
Distributed under the terms of the New BSD License,
see LICENSE for details.

Updated for Coq 8.4pl2 and 8.4pl3 by Wojciech Jedynak <>.

This archive contains an example Coq plugin that implements a
tactic to get the constructors of an inductive type in Ltac.
It serves as a documented example on both the plugin system
and how to write simple tactics in OCaml.

The archive has 3 subdirectories:
src/ contains the code of the plugin in and
  a support file for building the constructors plugin.

theories/ contains support Coq files for the plugin. Dynamic.v
  is referenced from the code of the plugin above.
  Constructors.v declares the plugin on the Coq side.

test-suite/ just demonstrates a use of the plugin


First, you should have coqc, ocamlc and make in your path. 
Then simply do:

# coq_makefile -f Make -o Makefile

To generate a makefile from the description in Make, then [make].
This will consecutively build the plugin, the supporting 
theories and the test-suite file.

You can then either [make install] the plugin or leave it in its
current directory. To be able to import it from anywhere in Coq,
simply add the following to ~/.coqrc:

Add Rec LoadPath "path_to_constructors/theories" as Constructors.
Add ML Path "path_to_constructors/src".
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