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An example Coq plugin.

Copyright 2010 Matthieu Sozeau Distributed under the terms of the New BSD License, see LICENSE for details.

Updated for Coq 8.4pl2 and 8.4pl3 by Wojciech Jedynak

This archive contains an example Coq plugin that implements a tactic to get the constructors of an inductive type in Ltac. It serves as a documented example on both the plugin system and how to write simple tactics in OCaml.

The archive has 3 subdirectories:

  • src/ contains the code of the plugin in and a support file for building the constructors plugin;
  • theories/ contains support Coq files for the plugin. Dynamic.v is referenced from the code of the plugin above. Constructors.v declares the plugin on the Coq side;
  • test-suite/ just demonstrates a use of the plugin.



Make sure that you added the Coq repository:

opam repo add coq-released

and run:

opam install coq-constructors

From the sources

First, you should have coqc, ocamlc and make in your path. Then simply do:

coq_makefile -f Make -o Makefile

to generate a Makefile from the description in Make, then make. This will consecutively build the plugin, the supporting theories and the test-suite file.

You can then either make install the plugin or leave it in its current directory. To be able to import it from anywhere in Coq, simply add the following to ~/.coqrc:

Add Rec LoadPath "path_to_constructors/theories" as Constructors.
Add ML Path "path_to_constructors/src".