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A quick-use plugin for compiling the selected SCSS to CSS.
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SCSS Compiler

Initial idea and inspiration by @sfdrummer, with development help from @kakersuk.

A Sublime Text 3 plugin which compiles the selected SCSS to CSS in your document window. This plugin depends on ruby being installed and the scss compiler binary being installed via ruby gems.


Select the SCSS which you wish to compile, right click and select "Compile selected SCSS to CSS". You may need to wait a few seconds for the compilier to do it's thing, and then your SCSS should then be transformed into CSS!

Installation on Linux & OS X

Open a Terminal window and run the following command:

sudo gem install sass

This script assumes that the scss binary is installed in the following location: /usr/local/bin.

Installation on Windows

Download and install the Ruby installer.

Ensure the "Add Ruby executables to your PATH" is enabled during the installation process.

Open an Admin Command or PowerShell window and run the following command:

gem install sass
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