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An open-source Cover Flow implementation
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MBCoverFlowView.xcodeproj [REFACTOR] Move image loading code from NSOperation subclass to MBCov…
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MBCoverFlowScroller.h * Changed selectedIndex to selectionIndex to match binding key
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MBCoverFlowView.m Change -cgImage to -cgImageCopy to appease the Clang Static Analyzer.
MBCoverFlowViewController.h * Fix sample project
MBCoverFlowViewController.m * Fix sample project
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NSImage+MBCoverFlowAdditions.h Change -cgImage to -cgImageCopy to appease the Clang Static Analyzer.
NSImage+MBCoverFlowAdditions.m Change -cgImage to -cgImageCopy to appease the Clang Static Analyzer.
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What Is It?

MBCoverFlowView is an open-source implementation of the Cover Flow interface found in iTunes, Finder, etc.

MBCoverFlowView screenshot

How Do I Use It?

To use MBCoverFlowView in your app, the minimum requirement is that you set both the imageKeyPath and content properties of the view. The imageKeyPath property should be set to the key path which will access the image to display for each item in the content array.

Bindings Are Cool! Can I Use Them?

Of course! Currently, MBCoverFlowView has bindings for the @"content" and @"selectionIndex" keys.

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