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A script to convert Doxygen output to resemble Apple's AppKit documentation
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DoxyClean 0.5

The files included herein are licensed according to the MIT License.


Usage: [-h] [-i indir] [-o outdir]

Options:	-h			Converts the cleaned XML to XHTML styled similarly to Apple's documentation
			-i indir	Specifies the directory with XML files generated by Doxygen
			-o outdir	Specifies the directory to place the cleaned XML files

Converts the XML files generated by Doxygen to 
be more easily-read and more catered to Objective-C.


DoxyClean is a very early work in progress. Currently, you lose a lot of things generated by Doxygen, such as cross-class linking and inheritance diagrams. I hope to add these back in soon.

Currently, DoxyClean cleans every file's documentation. In the future, I hope to add back the option to only clean those files which are actually documented.

If you make any modifications to DoxyClean which might be of use, please send them to me at



Aug. 23, 2008 (0.5)     -   * Links to other classes/categories/protocols in the project are now preserved
                            * Section headers on the index page now only display if there are files of that type in the project

Mar. 29, 2008 (0.2)     -   * Added support for protocols
                            * Fixed spacing on protocol declarations for data types: 
                                "id< protocol >" now displays as "id<protocol>"
                            * Added a "last updated" timestamp at the bottom of object pages
                            * Added mouse-over tooltips to Tasks links

Mar. 16, 2008 (0.1.2)   -   * Fixed bug where an error would occur if the project either contained no classes or no categories.

Feb. 24, 2008 (0.1.1)   -   * Fixed prototype formatting (multiple parameter no longer run together)
                            * DoxyClean now only generates documentation for classes/categories which have been documented
                            * Fixed issue with printing XHTML output
Feb. 17, 2008 (0.1)     -   * Initial Release
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