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A dwarf that digs for tracebacks in amo-validator.
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Version 0.5

Diggy is a tool for automated traceback testing for the amo-validator, though it could conceivably be used to test nearly any python project that is designed to work with files that are a part of a large directory.

The app works by traversing a directory (online or offline) and feeding the files from those directories into the API for the amo-validator. If a traceback occurs, a copy of the traceback is stored along with a copy of the file that generated the traceback. Other settings allow Diggy to traverse the directory of files that produced tracebacks and move "fixed" files (and their traceback log file) to another directory. This can also be run on that directory, enabling regression testing.

Using Diggy

-s Alias to --source
--source The source of the files. May be "directory" or "fmo" (default). If using "directory", the --directory option must be set.
--directory The directory to pull files from for testing. Required if the source is set to "directory".
--movetofixed If this is true, when a file does not throw a traceback, it (along with its log file, if it exists) will be moved to the --fixeddirectory.
 The directory to move files that do not throw tracebacks (along with their logs, if present). Defaults to fixed_tracebacks/.
 The directory to move files that throw tacebacks (along with the new traceback log). Defaults to tracebacks/.
--cachefile The location to store a cache of paths taken when --source is set to fmo. Defaults to testcache.cache.
--sparse When pulling from fmo as a source, this option will use the last version listed in an add-on's directory. All other versions will not be tested. This is appropraite for a fast test and getting an overview of the expected diggy results.

Example Usage

# Run diggy on

# Run on existing traceback to test for fixed problems
./dig -s directory --directory tracebacks/ --movetofixed

# Run on fixed problems to test for regression
./dig -s directory --directory fixed_tracebacks

Diggy diggy hole

                  /=  |  #\
                 /.__-| __ \
                 |/ _\_/_ \|
                 (( __ \__))
              __ ((()))))()) __
            ,'  |()))))(((()|# `.
           /    |^))()))))(^|   =\
          /    /^v^(())()()v^\'  .\
         /_ ' \______(()_____(   |
    _..-'   _//_____[xxx]_____\.-|
   /,_#\.=-' /v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^| _|
   \)|)      v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v| _|
    ||       :v^v^v^v^v^v`.-' |#  \,
    ||       v^v^v^v`_/\__,--.|\_=_/
    ><       :v^v____|  \_____|_
    ||       v^      /  \       /
----------   `/_..-._\   )_...__\
|        |     |_='_(     |  =_(_
|   ||   |    /     =\    /  '  =\
 \/ \/ )/ gnv |=____#|    '=....#|

           DIGGY DIGGY HOLE!
                         - Simon Lane
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