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import validator.constants
from validator.constants import *
def register_test(tier=1, expected_type=None, simple=False, versions=None):
"Registers tests for the validation flow."
def wrap(function):
"Wrapper function to decorate registered tests."
# Make sure the tier exists before we add to it
if tier not in TEST_TIERS:
TEST_TIERS[tier] = []
# Add a test object to the test's tier
TEST_TIERS[tier].append({"test": function,
"type": expected_type,
"simple": simple,
"versions": versions})
# Return the function to be run
return function
# Return the wrapping function (for use as a decorator)
return wrap
def get_tiers():
"Returns a list of tier values."
return TEST_TIERS.keys()
def get_tests(tier, type_=None):
"Returns a generator of test functions."
# List of acceptable types
types = (None, 0, type_)
# Current Tier
ctier = TEST_TIERS[tier]
# List comprehension to sort and filter and the like.
return (test for test in ctier if test["type"] in types)
def version_range(guid, version, before=None, app_versions=None):
"""Returns all values after (and including) `version` for the app `guid`"""
if app_versions is None:
app_versions = validator.constants.APPROVED_APPLICATIONS
app_key = None
# Support for shorthand instead of full GUIDs.
for app_guid, app_name in APPLICATIONS.items():
if app_name == guid:
guid = app_guid
for key in app_versions.keys():
if app_versions[key]["guid"] == guid:
app_key = key
if not app_key or version not in app_versions[app_key]["versions"]:
raise Exception("Bad GUID or version provided for version range")
all_versions = app_versions[app_key]["versions"]
version_pos = all_versions.index(version)
before_pos = None
if before is not None and before in all_versions:
before_pos = all_versions.index(before)
return all_versions[version_pos:before_pos]
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