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Matt Basta

570-212-9663 - @mattbasta - -


Performance analysis, JavaScript development and optimization, Python, static analysis, compiler design and optimization, parser implementation, and style guide purism. Kick-ass web developer with proficiency in all the latest HTML, CSS, and JS goodness.

Software Engineer, Stripe

July 2017 - Present

I work as a front-end engineer on the Connect team.

Founder, Pinecast

2016 - Present

I started Pinecast as a simple way to start and manage a podcast. Pinecast is open source and boasts an impressive feature set targeting amateur and semi- professional podcasters.

Software Engineer II, Uber

January 2016 - May 2017

I led front-end development on Uber's Crystal Ball team, where we built software for performing financial forecasting and making predictions. I currently work on the Finance Engineering team, leading front-end work for financial forecasting, planning, and data management.

I also build developer productivity tools and Node libraries for IBM's Cognos TM1 software and surrounding technologies.

Senior Software Engineer, Box

January 2014 - January 2016

At Box I help the Performance Team improve the speed of the Box web application. In this role, I've helped to lead the effort to redesign and rewrite the front-end of the Box web application while also helping to refactor and improve the underlying back-end PHP code. I also have worked to help engage teams outside of the Engineering org in an effort to increase awareness of performance and software best practices.

I have built and deployed two of Box's open source projects. My work on Shalam--a novel CSS spriting tool--resulted in the filing of one of five patents that I developed at Box. Brainy--a security and performance- centric fork of the Smarty templating language--has been included in PHP The Right Way.

Relevant Experience: PHP, JavaScript, Python

Engineer, Mozilla Corporation

  • Full Time (June 2012 - December 2013)
  • Contractor, Intern (May 2010 - June 2012)

At Mozilla I led development of the Firefox Marketplace front-end. As an intern, I developed static and dynamic analysis tools which inspect submissions for best practices and malicious code. As a contractor, I ported these tools for use with the Marketplace and HTML5 apps.

Relevant Experience: Node.js and client-side JavaScript, Django, Python

Contractor, Fitocracy

November 2011 - February 2012

At Fitocracy, I was tasked with improving overall site performance. On the front-end, my work involved refactoring and optimizing JavaScript code. Work on the back-end consisted of cleaning up a Django project to use best practices. My work improved page load times and increased site responsiveness.

Relevant Experience: Client-side JavaScript, Django

Intern, Widgetbox (now Flite)

June 2009 - March 2010

At Widgetbox, I was tasked with developing performant front-ends for publishing and curation tools.

Relevant Experience: Client-side JavaScript


My full open source portfolio can be viewed on my GitHub profile. My profile contains both work and personal projects, of which I have many. Some of my notable projects include Crass, a CSS parser/minifier/optimizer; BreezeBlock, a JavaScript templating language similar to JSX; BType, an experimental programming language that compiles to asm.js and LLVM IR; and a smattering of video games (Legend of Adventure, Hubble Trouble, and more) built for both desktop and web.


  • Kutztown University: 2010-2012, Computer Science (graduated)
  • DeSales University: 2008-2010, Computer Science


  • 1+ year Github streak (2014-2015)
  • 12+ parody social media presences
  • I make video games with HTML5, Java, Python, and Go