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A GWT Server-side I18N Library
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Hermes - GWT Server-side I18N Library
Written By Matt Bertolini

About Hermes

Hermes gives developers using GWT the ability to use their I18N properties files 
on the server-side. This library is a fork of the gwt-i18n-server project 
located at Hermes supports the 
Messages, Constants, and ConstantsWithLookup interfaces. SafeHtml, Date and 
number formatting, and Plural forms are supported on the Messages interfaces.


Hermes is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1. See the 
LICENSE file for full license information.


Hermes version 1.2 requires Java 1.6, GWT 2.2, and ICU 4.6 to run. If you need 
GWT 2.1 support, use the 1.1.x line.

Differences Between Hermes and GWT I18N

* Since the server side does not have access to the GWT locale information, you 
  are required to pass the locale to Hermes in order to get the correct data.

* The locale hierarchy and fallback system as described in the GWT Constants 
  Javadoc is not supported. The locale given to Hermes must match a valid 
  properties file or it will use the default properties file.
* Plural form exact values and offsets are not supported.

* GWT extension {name,text}, {0,list}, {0,localdatetime,skeleton}, and extra 
  formatter arguments are not supported.  
Maven Artifact Info

You can get Hermes though the Maven central repository. here is the artifact 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you fork gwt-i18n-server?

I forked the gwt-i18n-server library because development appeared to be dormant 
on the existing codebase and I needed bugs fixed. I had submitted some patches 
to the original developer but no work had been done on the code for over a year. 
I made the decision to fix the bugs myself and the fork was born. Just about 
every line of code has been re-written to make the library more compatible with 
GWT I18N implementation.

I found a bug. What do I do?

If you find a bug or other issue with Hermes, please file an issue at When filing a bug, please 
provide the following information:

* Version of Hermes
* Version of GWT
* Type of interface (Messages, Constants, ConstantsWithLookup)
* The properties string that is not working
* Any arguments passed to the method for inclusion into the string
* The observed output
* The expected output

Giving this information will help me track down the issue and write unit tests 
to make sure I fix the bug.

Also, if you have found a bug and already found a fix, patches and pull 
requests are welcome. Please make sure you include unit tests to verify the fix.
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