Running a Bennu Parser Incrementally With Realtime Feedback in a Web Worker
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Bennu Web Worker Example


Demonstrates running a Bennu parser on a webworker and getting incremental feedback during parsing. Online demo.


$ git clone
$ cd bennu-webworker-example
$ git submodule update --init


index.html shows a simple application that uses a webworker to incrementally determine the word count of some input with a Bennu parser (obviously using parser combinators to get word count is a bit crazy).

The input to be parser can be provided incrementally and async (perhaps in response to UI events or from a websocket) without stalling the main thread.

The main thread passes chunks of input to the worker and requests a status update after each chunk is parsed. This allows realtime feedback during parsing. The worker can only give an update after a chunk is completely parsed, but smaller chunk sizes enable the thread to get finer grained feedback during parsing.

Other Notes

Example code is written in Khepri.

Almost any Bennu parser can be run incrementally without modification.

The project shows how to correctly catch parser errors in the worker, but the word count parser should not actually generate any errors.


  • index.html - Main page.
  • index.kep - Main thread javascript. Gets input and simulates partial input. Feeds data to the worker and requests incremental status updates.
  • worker.kep - Worker thread. Does all the actual parsing and provides updates as individual chunks complete parsing.