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Nuke Scan

Scripts used for Nuke Scan


The script is written python3 and depends on Pillow. To install:

pip install -r requirements.txt

The script also uses ffmpeg to extract frames from the input video.


To create a slice from fames of an input video

$ python main.py "redwing-apache37257.mp4" --out out.png 

The default samples a column of pixels at the center of the video. To sample a different column in the video, use the --location:

python main.py "redwing-apache37257.mp4" --out out.png --location 0.3

location is percent location to sample from. For a video that is 1920 pixels wide for example, --location 0.3 will sample from the 1920 * 0.3 = 640 column of pixels in each frame.

To sample from just part of a video, use pass ffmpeg timestamps to --start and --end:

$ python main.py "redwing-apache37257.mp4" --start 00:00:08.4 --end 00:01:16.6 --out out.png

All Arguments

  • --out outFile.png — Name of output image.
  • --location 0.5 — Percent location to sample from. Number between 0 and 1
  • --start 00:00:00 — Timestamp to start sampling video at.
  • --end 00:01:00 — Timestamp to end sampling video at.
  • --end 00:01:00 — Timestamp to end sampling video at.
  • --flipSample — Sample rows instead of columns.
  • --sampleSize 10 — Width of pixels to grab from each column or row
  • --skipExtract — Skips the frame extract stage and reuse the existing cache of frames.
  • --firstFrame — First frame number (relative to extracted frames) to start sampling from. Defaults to 1.
  • --lastFrame — Last frame number (relative to extracted frames) to end sampling. Defaults to end of film.