JSON of all of Rod Serling's twilightzone opening and closing monologues
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Twilight Zone Monologues

Complete set of Rod Serling opening and closing monologues from the original Twilight Zone TV show.

  • Json data in data.json.
  • Available on npm: $ npm install twilightzone-monologues.


data.json is an ordered list of episodes. Each episode has the following data:

  "series_number": INT, // Episode number in the entire series
  "season": INT, // Season number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  "season_number": INT, // Number of the episode within that season
  "title": STRING, // Title of the episode
  "opening": STRING, // Rod Serling opening monologue
  "closing": STRING, // Rod Serling closing monologue

For reference only. All monologues credit the original writers of the Twilight Zone.